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  tomop 1b21e6dd1a updated 19 packages 4 years ago
  tomop 4bf36ee746 uim-1.8.8-2 4 years ago
  iwaim 18ddc2e15f uim 1.8.8-1 6 years ago
  iwaim a4d941a942 uim 1.8.6-6.gitc79432c 6 years ago
  ara_t be6cdb1f3f uim: add Patch1 (uim-gtk2_immodule_uim-cand-win-gtk.c.patch ) 6 years ago
  ara_t 7780676d93 p-u/6でビルドできるように対応 8 years ago
  tomop 926a7ea51f uim-1.8.6-3 8 years ago
  inagaki 88878503c6 2015-04-03 Ryoichi INAGAKI <> 9 years ago
  Takemikaduchi 2b6f1e6015 update or rebuild 10 years ago
  Takemikaduchi a013a1025a nss: add nss-util 12 years ago
  Takemikaduchi cf39e5b22b rebuild with qt4-4.8.2 12 years ago
  inagaki f2111ba59c update: akonadi, automoc4, herqq, ibus-qt, kdebase-runtime, libqzeitgeist, phonon, PyQt4, qca2, qca-ossl, qt4, qt-assistant-adp, qscintilla, qtsoap, uim 12 years ago
  inagaki 2ba0347192 update: bluefish, uim 13 years ago
  inagaki c4ca68dacf updated: qt, qt4, PyQt4, avogadro, phonon, qca-ossl, qca2, qoauth, scim-bridge and uim 13 years ago
  inagaki 83082ac742 update: qt4, phonon, uim, scim-bridge 13 years ago
  iwaim 9ce1d2ee61 uim 1.6.0-4 13 years ago
  owa ac0f8a1566 rebuilt with rpm-4.8.1 14 years ago
  iwaim cc16ae8b14 uim 1.6.0-2 14 years ago
  inagaki 5bb81cc02d updated: uim, scim-uim 14 years ago
  inagaki f000163df5 updated: Qt4, cmake, qca2, uim 14 years ago
  daisuke 66a9678b5e import VineSeed package specs 14 years ago