daisuke 89d8b58a7a 0.0.56 10 years ago
po 38b7361e22 updated po files 10 years ago
vbootstrap 9353ae3f05 scripts/VineSeed_{i386,x86_64} を更新:BASEPKGS に util-linux を追加 10 years ago
Makefile ed6c9d59bd updated vbootstrap.sh.in: 10 years ago
libvbuilder.sh.in 9a6ce62101 fix unmounting aufs 10 years ago
sample.conf.skip 0bab718f5d fixed sample.conf.skip 10 years ago
vbootstrap-vl.spec 5f0b52c735 0.0.56 10 years ago
vbootstrap.sh.in ed6c9d59bd updated vbootstrap.sh.in: 10 years ago
vbuilder-bash-completion.sh 14670519e2 rename _filedir() as _vbootstrap_filedir() 10 years ago
vbuilder.conf.in 968e14aa88 fixed vbuilder.conf.in 10 years ago
vbuilder.console 54c8767d48 added UGROUPS=wheel in vbuilder.console; supported 6.0_i386 and 6.0_x86_64 11 years ago
vbuilder.pamd 58abb8aba5 updated vbuilder.sh.in: supported usermode 11 years ago
vbuilder.sh.in 0f69652ef6 fix typo.. 10 years ago
vchroot.sh.in d0e18a6b47 updated vbuilder: added --debug, --login options; applied vbootstrap-0.0.37-armhack.patch (Thanks to parrot-san) 11 years ago