Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  iwamoto ff5ea82417 vbootstrap: add support overlayfs 5 years ago
  daisuke e57cf110a6 vbootstrap-0.2 5 years ago
  daisuke 7063fa0597 Vine Linux 6.1 対応 10 years ago
  daisuke 9a6ce62101 fix unmounting aufs 11 years ago
  daisuke b8a15522ed vbootstrap-0.0.51: aufs 対応 11 years ago
  munepi 3c3a282f82 updated 11 years ago
  munepi 4e8f7c9e41 updated, against 0.0.43 11 years ago
  munepi 7f41e9839f updated vbootstrap: supported versions format: <version>_<arch>; updated sync the above change for vbootstrap 11 years ago
  munepi 410b14d161 fixed RPM_Sign(), Login_Chroot() in; the command "vbuilder clean" returns 0. 11 years ago
  munepi b74b4742a9 updated vbootstrap: 0.0.40 release 11 years ago
  munepi d0e18a6b47 updated vbuilder: added --debug, --login options; applied vbootstrap-0.0.37-armhack.patch (Thanks to parrot-san) 11 years ago
  munepi 611e7d01a2 updated added -o _netdev in mnt_opts (mount-chroot-mount()) 11 years ago
  munepi 3fd73aa9c8 added, vchroot is experimental 12 years ago