Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Daisuke SUZUKI 14f8752582 fix to build on VineSeed 6 months ago
  Daisuke SUZUKI 67b7b0ed5c remove unneeded patches 6 months ago
  Daisuke SUZUKI b13808d141 use git/xz to make archive 6 months ago
  Daisuke SUZUKI 1296ec9143 update to 0.4 6 months ago
  Daisuke SUZUKI cccbb99dce sync to 0.3-4 6 months ago
  Daisuke SUZUKI e9de9b42ce add grep/gawk to base packages 6 months ago
  Daisuke SUZUKI 2294f33fc7 install rpm.rpm before apt on VineSeed 6 months ago
  Daisuke SUZUKI 490ade4c3c add .gitignore 6 months ago
  iwamoto 6c77082911 add mknod /dev/urandom (Thanks to tomop-san) 4 years ago
  iwamoto ff5ea82417 vbootstrap: add support overlayfs 5 years ago
  daisuke e57cf110a6 vbootstrap-0.2 5 years ago
  munepi 0f68697584 rebuilt 8 years ago
  munepi 127928a368 updated vbootstrap.pot, ja.po against version 0.1 9 years ago
  daisuke 6e6edb7a40 avoid NOKEY warning in vbootstrap 9 years ago
  munepi 9b4f2cc974 added some processes to mount/unmount /proc in vbootstrap_post() for scripts/VineSeed_{i386,x86_64} 9 years ago
  daisuke 40b6b73e5a - add --force rpm option to install packages in vbootstrap 9 years ago
  munepi d8bdc789ae updated vbootstrap-vl.spec 10 years ago
  munepi 8b791e4668 defined local $$__replace_fetch_url in Build() 10 years ago
  munepi 4e2b3cb9e2 fixed 4.2_{i386,ppc}.sh 10 years ago
  munepi 166d36ffc8 updated po files 10 years ago
  munepi b590a74ff2 updated po files 10 years ago
  munepi 7cfbe510eb set VBUILDER_STABLE_VERSION=6 in Makefile 10 years ago
  daisuke 7063fa0597 Vine Linux 6.1 対応 10 years ago
  daisuke 0f69652ef6 fix typo.. 10 years ago
  daisuke 5f0b52c735 0.0.56 10 years ago
  daisuke 6315619616 kernel 3.4.3-1 で aufs が組み込みになったので modprobe に失敗し aufs 10 years ago
  munepi eed174b92b updated vbootstrap-vl.spec: Version: 0.0.55 10 years ago
  munepi 9353ae3f05 scripts/VineSeed_{i386,x86_64} を更新:BASEPKGS に util-linux を追加 10 years ago
  munepi 8586299877 reduce the frequency of running apt-get-chroot 10 years ago
  munepi 5d2b3f08f0 updated to 0.0.54 10 years ago