Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  iwamoto ff5ea82417 vbootstrap: add support overlayfs 6 years ago
  daisuke e57cf110a6 vbootstrap-0.2 7 years ago
  munepi 0f68697584 rebuilt 10 years ago
  munepi 127928a368 updated vbootstrap.pot, ja.po against version 0.1 11 years ago
  daisuke 6e6edb7a40 avoid NOKEY warning in vbootstrap 11 years ago
  munepi 9b4f2cc974 added some processes to mount/unmount /proc in vbootstrap_post() for scripts/VineSeed_{i386,x86_64} 11 years ago
  daisuke 40b6b73e5a - add --force rpm option to install packages in vbootstrap 11 years ago
  munepi d8bdc789ae updated vbootstrap-vl.spec 11 years ago
  munepi 8b791e4668 defined local $$__replace_fetch_url in Build() 11 years ago
  munepi 4e2b3cb9e2 fixed 4.2_{i386,ppc}.sh 11 years ago
  munepi 166d36ffc8 updated po files 11 years ago
  munepi b590a74ff2 updated po files 11 years ago
  munepi 7cfbe510eb set VBUILDER_STABLE_VERSION=6 in Makefile 11 years ago
  daisuke 7063fa0597 Vine Linux 6.1 対応 11 years ago
  daisuke 0f69652ef6 fix typo.. 11 years ago
  daisuke 5f0b52c735 0.0.56 11 years ago
  daisuke 6315619616 kernel 3.4.3-1 で aufs が組み込みになったので modprobe に失敗し aufs 11 years ago
  munepi eed174b92b updated vbootstrap-vl.spec: Version: 0.0.55 12 years ago
  munepi 9353ae3f05 scripts/VineSeed_{i386,x86_64} を更新:BASEPKGS に util-linux を追加 12 years ago
  munepi 8586299877 reduce the frequency of running apt-get-chroot 12 years ago
  munepi 5d2b3f08f0 updated to 0.0.54 12 years ago
  munepi 14670519e2 rename _filedir() as _vbootstrap_filedir() 12 years ago
  daisuke 9a6ce62101 fix unmounting aufs 12 years ago
  munepi 112dee03fe added --no-build-essential in 17843options 12 years ago
  munepi ab695b3e39 updated fixed little 12 years ago
  daisuke 6fa0fc36e6 add "--no-build-essential" option 12 years ago
  daisuke b8a15522ed vbootstrap-0.0.51: aufs 対応 12 years ago
  daisuke 2490e86967 vbootstrap-0.0.50 12 years ago
  daisuke 27c503280c vbootstrap(6.0) で glibc の前に nss をインストールするように変更 12 years ago
  munepi 6400f1d530 updated 0.0.49 12 years ago