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Tomohiro "Tomo-p" KATO d8b55b1b9a uClibc-ng-1.0.41-1 5 months ago
9 66a9678b5e import VineSeed package specs 12 years ago
A 66a9678b5e import VineSeed package specs 12 years ago
B dd1a94b8fe rebuild with Python 2.7.7 8 years ago
C f51ce33492 Cython-0.29.26-1 10 months ago
D b87785cdbc removed Django: duplicated python-django 12 years ago
E 65a2c3306b ETL-0.04.19-1 6 years ago
F 2c9bde9434 updated 4 packages 1 year ago
G 04be80aa67 GraphicsMagick-1.3.30 4 years ago
H 66a9678b5e import VineSeed package specs 12 years ago
I f81596dcf5 perl-5.34.0-1 and affected packages 1 year ago
J 82ad07ab29 JAGS: update to 4.3.0 5 years ago
L 0e5e38c382 updated 6 packages 1 year ago
M 3f643ce6c1 updated 5 packages 1 year ago
N d420277b73 NetworkManager-1.32.10-1 1 year ago
O ef29e2aa35 OpenEXR-3.1.4-1 10 months ago
P 1474851b0a python-3.8.5 and related packages. 2 years ago
Q 95bcd5fa56 rebuild with gcc-5.4.0 6 years ago
R 63b55bed4c R-littler: rebuild with R-3.6.3 2 years ago
S 0b9c0abc11 SysVinit-2.88dsf-5 1 year ago
T e0b7fc1388 updated 6 packages 2 years ago
V 496ced5dbe VirtualBox: update to 5.2.20 4 years ago
W 1da82ebf47 WebKit3-2.4.11-3 4 years ago
X c485e3a4b5 Xaw3d: new upstream release 6 years ago
Z 9a3a47d488 python-2.7.2 10 years ago
a a0e0fc3667 audit-3.0.8-1 7 months ago
b 8d01c2c5cc binutils-2.37-4 10 months ago
c b818136452 curl-7.83.1-1 6 months ago
d 734056dafe dovecot-2.3.19-1 6 months ago
e 329c9b0e9b e2fsprogs-1.46.5-2 6 months ago
f 5e74cd855b freetype2-2.12.1-1 6 months ago
g 34563f39bd gnutls-3.7.4-1 6 months ago
h 2190f698ec harfbuzz-3.2.0-1 10 months ago
i 003a084e5f imath-3.1.4-1 10 months ago
j a695df86f3 jemalloc-5.3.0-1 6 months ago
k 0469c2fe25 kernel-5.10.119-1 6 months ago
l 03febb52dd lmdb-0.9.29-1 6 months ago
lib 32ece5fbd5 libmodsecurity-3.0.7-1 6 months ago
m a49d77a03c mariadb-10.6.8-1 6 months ago
n 702bdbe61d nginx-1.22.0-18 6 months ago
nonfree 4c157af6d7 self-build-gstreamer1-plugins-ugly: change BR 3 years ago
o abf8ec94a4 openjpeg2-2.5.0-1 6 months ago
p 851a0617fa php-composer-2.2.13-1 6 months ago
q 534cfcbf05 updated 3 packages 1 year ago
r 545f854fab rust-1.61.0-1 6 months ago
s a530f30c85 subversion-1.14.2-1 6 months ago
t a2700b4ce9 tmux-3.3-1 6 months ago
u d8b55b1b9a uClibc-ng-1.0.41-1 5 months ago
v 65bf2afbe3 vim-8.2.5024-1 6 months ago
w f182c96f57 webkitgtk4-2.34.3-1 11 months ago
x 4618efc05c xl2tpd-1.3.17-1 10 months ago
y 2ace1e94e8 updated 6 packages 1 year ago
z 97b0c9f094 zabbix-5.0.19-1 10 months ago