Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Takemikaduchi c5721be3a1 new upstream release or rebuild 9 years ago
  Takemikaduchi f2a712e1ac rebuild with pcre-8.31 10 years ago
  Takemikaduchi 2daad77ad9 gnome-commander,gambas2: rebuild 10 years ago
  Takemikaduchi 73ea6b7862 new upstream release 10 years ago
  Takemikaduchi f56aaf6d47 new upstream release 11 years ago
  kazutaka b5f078519c ソースを更新 11 years ago
  owa b22a0e8ce8 rebuild with postgresql-9.0.3 11 years ago
  inagaki 8238435819 updated: apr-util, gambas2, gambas3, openldap, php5, qt, qt4, unixODBC 11 years ago
  inagaki 9dec4564c6 update: calibre, evince, epdfview, gimp, gambas{2,3}, gnome-commander, inkscape, poppler, pypopper, rcairo, ruby-gnome2, tracker 12 years ago
  Takemikaduchi 534b52cf4b update to GNOME-2.32.0 12 years ago
  kazutaka bfbef75971 add patch to fix popup menu 12 years ago
  shaolin ad480fa424 * gambas2: temporarily don't use "-Os" on ppc (a toolchain bug?) 12 years ago
  kazutaka e32fcde9c2 update to 2.20.1 13 years ago
  daisuke 66a9678b5e import VineSeed package specs 13 years ago