Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  tomop ca8dc301c2 wpa_supplicant-2.5-3 7 years ago
  Takemikaduchi 8d701206b5 VirtualBox, caja, mate-system-monitor nmap, wireshark: new upstream release 7 years ago
  Takemikaduchi 0fcc9f54e2 new upstream release 8 years ago
  inagaki 04b18d5d60 2015-02-05 Ryoichi INAGAKI <> 8 years ago
  shaolin a4e878660a - wpa_supplicant: import Patch8 from Fedora 1:0.7.3-9 to fix some crashes 12 years ago
  Takemikaduchi 58c0bea9f5 rebuild with openssl-1.0.0c 12 years ago
  daisuke 4b713abcd4 wpa_supplicant: update to 0.7.3 12 years ago
  daisuke 66a9678b5e import VineSeed package specs 13 years ago