Commit History

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  munepi 1980dffa3a new x264 (ABI 0.136) 10 years ago
  munepi 8ceb7bd130 new upstream release 10 years ago
  munepi 1755486dd0 update to the latest upstream commit 11 years ago
  munepi b73c98ec38 updated self-build-* packages: new x264 ABI and ffmpeg 0.9 11 years ago
  munepi 2966eec886 updated self-build-gstreamer-plugins-ffmpeg self-build-kino self-build-gstreamer-plugins-bad self-build-gstreamer-plugins-ugly self-build-ffmpeg2theora 12 years ago
  munepi be6bccb64f added many self-build-* specs 13 years ago