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  tomop 1b21e6dd1a updated 19 packages 2 years ago
  Takemikaduchi 2b6f1e6015 update or rebuild 8 years ago
  Takemikaduchi e1d61cd63e new upstream release or rebuild 9 years ago
  kudoh 8bd894b9ac 11 years ago
  Takemikaduchi 9a3a47d488 python-2.7.2 11 years ago
  Takemikaduchi 6ea5c0d203 GNOME-3.2 beta 1 (3.1.90) 11 years ago
  Takemikaduchi 8e59a0338c X.Org, compiz, GNOME3, etc... 11 years ago
  daisuke f096fa13fa pygobject: update to 2.28.4 11 years ago
  Takemikaduchi 534b52cf4b update to GNOME-2.32.0 12 years ago
  inagaki d2a365ddcc update: pygobject, pycairo, pygtk2 12 years ago
  daisuke b197f030b4 pygtk2: update to 2.17.0 13 years ago
  daisuke 66a9678b5e import VineSeed package specs 13 years ago